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Bring a snack, grab a friend, and enter the SunCat Universe!  Thank you for taking the time to explore!  

About SunCat Illustrations

The SunCat Universe is a recovery of childhood, of innocence, of queerness, of love for food, and cute things.  It's about the things that make me happy--the colorful, the nonsensical, and the magical.  It encompasses every feeling of joy and excitement I have for small and comforting things.  It's about processing anxiety, nostalgia, and queer adulthood by creating something happy, wholesome, and vivid.  Through simple illustration and adorable characters, my hope is that you can find a little joy here. 

About Katie

I am a North Carolina-based illustrator whose work revels in queer themes and nostalgia.  I create cute, colorful things to manage my anxiety and indulge my inner child.  My current media include alcohol markers, liner pens, watercolors, acrylic gouache, pyrography, and digital art.

I find inspiration in plants, food, all manner of 90's cartoons, bedtime stories, and animals.  I am influenced heavily by Naoko Takeuchi, Daron Nefcy, Alex Hirsch, Geo Law, Takashi Murakami, Craig McCracken, Hayao Miyazaki, Ten Hundred, Dana Terrace, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, Clamp, and Topcraft.

When I'm not sitting cozy in my little art corner, you can find me cuddling my old cat, or eating all the snacks in the kitchen.

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